We offer the largest selection of shelving, gondolas, slat wall, fixtures, casework (standard and custom), pallet racking and accessories on the market.  Our team is dedicated to working with you to establish the perfect display and storage systems to save you time and money with your inventory.  Partnering with our vendors and clients to ensure that you increase your sales by the flow, look and feel of your products is paramount in our goal to help you succeed.  We offer consultations of the best ways to feature product and increase spending within your store.  Our experienced team has helped thousands of companies increase their bottom line by the great looking and designed systems for college and university book stores, convenience stores, warehouses, retail shops, grocery stores, and much more.  Making you look good is our job!


Pallet Racking Beams

NW Store Design Pallet Racking

Standard sizes are as follows:

96" Long x 3.5" Face

120" Long x 4" Face

144" Long x 4" Face

Wire Decks also available

NW Store Design not responsible for load ratings. If you know the weight capacity NWSD will suggest appropriate beam/face size.


Standard Upper Shelves colors are Black, Sahara, and White.

Standard Sizes are the following:

3'x12", 3'x14", 3'x16"

4'x12", 4'x14", 4'x16"

Pallet Racking Uprights

NW Store Design Pallet Racking

Bolted and Welded frames, teardrop style

Standard Sizes:

24" x 96" 3x3 Col. SFP

36" x 96" 1.5" Col. SFP

42" x 96" 3x3 Col. SFP

42" x 120" 3x3 Col. SFP

42" x 144" 3x3 Col. SFP

42" x 192" 3x3 Col. SFP

Call for stock sizes and availability.

Slat Wall

Slat Wall standard colors are White, Maple, Cherry, and Paint Ready.

Metal or Plastic inserts can be added for additional charge

Slat Wall can be cut to fit store fixtures.

Standard Casework

Standard casework is prefabricated offsite in 24", 36", and 48" measurements. Depths are 24", 30" and 36". Material is a prelaminated melamine.  No Warenty available.

Slat Wall Fixtures

Slat Wall Fixtures are custom made


Clothing Units

Mobile Gondola


Gondola shelving standard colors are Black, Sahara, and White.

Standard Sizes are the following

48" Tall       72" Tall

54" Tall       84" Tall

Custom Casework

Custom Casework is built to spec on site per approved plans by customer.

Lead times are based on availability of Fab Shop.

Typically come with 1 year warranty on Material and Labor.